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My Kidz Preschool

At “My Kidz”. We Follow The Policy Of Ecm (each Child Matter’s) & We Recognize That Each Child Is Different And The Way They Study, Work, Play And Interact With Each Other Is Radically Different From The Ways In Which We Grew Up.



Our Philosophy

The Mission of My Kidz Preschool

To continue to make a difference to children, families and employers, and to provide the highest quality early care and education for each child in each nursery, every day.

 We put children first

 We create a quality nursery environments

 We encourage an honest, open culture

What We Offer

Why Kids & Their Parent Choose Us

Do You Know..... (Hard Facts But True)

✔ Children Brain Develop Upto 80% Before 8 Years Of Age.

✔ Children Still Ask Questions We Adults Have Given Up Asking.

✔ They Take Note Of What You do , NOT WHAT YOU SAY.

✔ They Want You To Spend Lots Of Time With Them.

✔ They Do Not Respond To Your Punishment Rather It Makes Them HATE YOU.